Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Write More Everyday

I'm in a helpful mood today. So I thought why not make a second post. Then my other inner voice who is a British dog trainer and co-blogger said, '' Sure Firlit, go ahead.''
All right, so lately my noveling hasn't been going very speedily. I get distracted really easily and I forget things, again like a goldfish T_T.  So I'm thinking of ways to get started.

1. Stop using the internet when you write.
''Oh, but it's not like I'm addicted to Facebook or anything.'' (yeah but you probably are to just about everything else, evidence in the fact that your reading this). Sometimes I just do everything else besides noveling. The internet can make time go faster, way faster. Sometimes people just go randomly google things (like me) to pass the time.
Shut off your internet connection, plug it out, or better yet if you can't and your in the mood get a pen and write some passages down.

2. Stop eating just to get away from your novel.
I may have done this before. Yeah, no matter how good the food is you shouldn't eat too much. Once I started noveling I started eating more. Don't use it as an excuse. Time is precious.
Use it as a reward, how to do that will be stated in point three.

3. If you can't help it use the food as a reward.
You just bought a delicious chocolate bar from the store. Oh yum! It's time to dig in. But wait! You haven't written anything today. 
Put the chocolate cake/nachos/dip sandwich/mudcake/whatever(sorry if I made you hungry >:) ) down and make a personal wordcount goal. Once you reach it you can go and damn well devour your dip sandwich(they are possible).

4. Write everyday
I know cliche advice you hear this everywhere. From every singleperson who gives writing advice. Yeah but do you actually follow through with it? Even a hundred words a day can help.
Speaking of that these websites can help with this(both free, no wallet raping):
It's cruel sometimes but it works. Though it's stressful. Better to use if you have a time limit.
A much more adorable write or die. It's more leisurely and you get all bubbly inside once you reach that hundred word count.

5. Try writing in a peaceful environment.
Quiet can clear you mind. Go to a quiet peaceful place alone and write. It will be easier to immerse yourself into your novel. Plus you'll have less distractions.

6. Once your done reading this, go and write.
Have you been having trouble finding time to write? Chances are now you have that time. Go, go my friend and write like you've never written before.

Happy noveling. And good luck ;). I'm off to finish my latest chapter

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