Friday, February 10, 2012

Ze Olde Blogs

   One of the only living beings with a memory as bad as mine sometimes.

I had old blogs. I kind of lost my passwords. Me and my horrible memory. If I don't write them down, my passwords go into the abyss that is my psychological trash bin.

So here's my beloved old blog:
*cries mournful tears* Why abysmal memory? WHY? That blog was epic. Yeah, I was pretty young when I started it with my cousins, so some posts can be really sucky. I remember that ridiculous tag I used ''Marga the Supreme Ruler of this Blog''. Good times.

The other one here:
I love weird blog names. This one would have had beloved memories and good time if it weren't for me. *Punches self* Oww. That hurt me.
And the weird side comment text/description of my blog at the right. *does not cry because I only posted here once*

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